Here are the basic rules for Weapons and Armor in this incarnation of Gamma World.

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As mentioned earlier, armor has a point value. This holds true for all items. Below is a list of suggested values for some items.
Wood items 5 handles, tools, etc.
Plastic/Plant Fiber Items 10 plant stems, furniture, etc.
Ice 10 natural and artificial
Glass 10 windows, vases, plates, etc.
Metal Items 15 eating utensils, furniture, etc.
Ceramic 10 pottery, etc.
Concrete 20 buildings, walls, etc.
Stone 30 rocks, walls, etc.
Duralloy Items 40 high tech tools, vehicle parts, etc.
Heavy Cloth/Furs 4 thick clothes, denim, hides, etc.
Leather Items and Armor 8 clothing, sacks, etc.
Studded Leather armor 12 leather with metal studs
Chain armor 15 small rings if metal intertwined
Plate armor 15 + material type big, jointed pieces
Fiber armor 30 made out of plant parts
Plasitc armor 30 incl. poly-carbon and ABS
Energized armor 35 powered assist move and jump
Inertia armor 25 w/35 pt Force Field same as above
Powered Scout armor 20 w/20 pt Force Field same as above w/Anti-Gravity
Powered Battle armor 30 w/40 pt Force Field same as above
Powered Attack armor 30 w/40 pt Force Field same as above
Powered Assault armor 30 w/50 pt Force Field same as above
Small Shield 5 + material type
Medium Shield 10 + material type
Large Shield 15 + material type
Wooden Weapon 20
Steel Weapon 35
Duralloy Weapon 45
Weapons don't take damage under normal, proper usage.
Energized Armor is powered by an Atomic energy cell, gives a STR bonus of 2, and allows jumps of 60 vertical feet or 120 horizontal feet. A fully charged suit of armor will last through 4 days of continuous use.
Inertia Armor is identical to Energized armor, except that it also has a Force Field Generator.
Powered Scout Armor : 2 Atomic cells allow controlled Anti-Grav flight of 10 yards per second. Damage bonus due to the suit's STR enhancement is 10 pts. Duration of the cells is 48 hours of constant use.
Powered Battle Armor : This is an upgraded version of Scout armor. It has the same abilities, with the addition of two forearm mounted lasers that deliver 25 pts. damage, one on each arm.
Powered Attack Armor : Powered by 2 Atomic cells, this armor will last 36 hours. The Anti-Grav units will allow 20 yards per second of controlled flight. The STR bonus to damage is 40 pts. It also has a right-shoulder mounted mini-missile rack with 6 missiles that can deliver 75 pts. damage to any target within 1 mile. Computer tracking devices allow 2 to be taken off of the attacking roll for the missiles.
Powered Assault Armor : The ultimate single troop fighting armor, this is powered by 3 Atomic energy cells which will give 36 hours of constant use. The STR damage bonus is 60 pts. It has one pulse cannon, mounted on the left forearm that does 15 dice damage to a target within 200 yards. The right forearm has a 5 grenade capacity mini-grenade launcher with a range of 100 yards. It has two mini-missile racks. They are back mounted, and slide on tracks up to a shoulder firing position. Otherwise, they are identical to the rack on the Attack armor.

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Here is a short list of weapons, along with range and damage.
.22 & .25 cal. 15 yds 15 pts
.32 & .39 cal. 25 yds 20 pts
.357 cal. 30 yds 30 pts
.44 & .45 cal 20 yds 40 pts
7.65 mm 30 yds 20 pts
9 mm 30 yds 25 pts
20 ga. 10 yds 35 pts
12 ga. 20 yds 50 pts
Laser Pistol 30 yds 15 pts
Laser Rifle 60 yds 35 pts
MK V Blaster 40 yds 45 pts
MK VII Blaster 60 yds 65 pts
Mini-Missile 1 mile 90 pts in 10 yd radius
Micro-Missile 1/2 mile 65 pts in 10 yd radius
Blunt Weapons Reach 10 pts + STR bonus
Human punch Reach 5 pts + STR bonus
Human kick Reach 10 pts + STR bonus
Small Claws (cats, dogs) Reach 5 pts + STR bonus
Medium Claws (birds, apes) Reach 10 pts + STR bonus
Large Claws (bears, etc.) Reach 15 pts + STR bonus
Swords Reach 10 pts + STR bonus
Knives Reach 5 pts + STR bonus
Arrows & bolts Variable 15 pts
Chemex grenade 5 yd radius 55 pts
Energy grenade 5 yd radius 65 pts
Frag grenade 5 yd radius 25 pts
Photon grenade 5 yd radius Death
Poison grenade Variable By Type & Int.
Stun grenade 5 yd radius Unconsciousness
Tear Gas grenade Variable Special
Torc grenade 5 yd radius 90 pts in 10 yd radius (50% chance of no damage)
Vibro Dagger Reach 15 pts
Vibro Sabre Reach 25 pts
Black Ray Gun 10 yds Death
Slug Thrower "A" 20 yds 5 pts
Slug Thrower "B" 20 yds 15 pts
Slug Thrower "C" 20 yds 25 pts
Small DP (Damage Pack) 10 yd radius 35 pts
Concentrated DP "A" 25 yd radius 55 pts
Concentrated DP "B" 40 yd radius 65 pts

Familiarity with a weapon is achieved by intense practice for one hour a day, every day, for three weeks. It must be spread out over this time. You cannot train intensely for 21 hours and be familiar with a weapon. Any break in this will mean the Character has to restart the training . Combat counts as training.
A Character can be familiar with any weapon which he/she can use. The Skill of Throwing gives bonus' to attacks with Aimed Attacks. There is no limit on how many weapons with which a Character can be familiar.