Mutations play a very important part in GAMMA WORLD. Without them, there would be no game (duh).
The Mutation descriptions below are not all-inclusive. There may be things about them that can only be discovered through play. If you have any ideas or questions that are not covered, your GM will have to make a ruling.
Whenever you see "concentration", take that to mean that nothing strenuous can be undertaken, nor can damage be suffered. These will break the concentration.
Wherever you see "at all times", it means whenever the Character is awake or conscious.
Some Mutations will have frequency, duration, or range limitations. These will be noted. If not noted, the limit does not exist (unless your GM rules otherwise).
Some Mutations can be chosen multiple times, at the GM's discretion.
If your Character's race already has something that is available as a Mutation, you can purchase that Mutation and have two of them, or twice the effect.
All Characters with Mutations will have a Mutational "twitch". The GM can randomly decide that a Character's Mutation has uncontrollably "flexed" and been used. The results, while unpredictable, can liven up the game.
If a Mutation lists additions or subtractions to Stats, those count toward the 65 points which new Characters begin with.
Mutations are listed by category: 1 Point Mutations , 2 Point Mutations , and 3 Point Mutations .
  1. INCREASED BALANCE: Character takes 2 off of each DEX roll (not counting attack or defense).
  2. HEAT GENERATION: Character can cause his hands to heat up to the point of igniting flammable material or cause 10 pts. damage. This can be done once every 30 seconds.
  3. WINGS: Character has wings. If he weighs more than 160 pounds, only large avian wings will allow flight. Otherwise, only wing-assisted jumps or glides can be performed. Referee's discretion on distance and/or height. Character can carry 2xSTR. For type, roll d6 on chart below;
    1. Soft Wing: Roll again: 1-3) Butterfly, 4-6) Moth
    2. Membranous: Roll again: 1-2) Fly, 3-4) Bee, 5-6) Wasp
    3. Concealed Membranous: As 2, but with Partial Carapace covering wings
    4. Mammalian: Roll again: 1-3) Bat, 4-6) Gliding
    5. Avian: Type is Referee's Choice
    6. Choose Your Own.
  4. LIGHT GENERATION : Character can generate a globe of light anywhere within 15 yards. This can be maintained at all times, even during combat. A flash can be generated, blinding all facing it (friend or foe) for 5 rounds. This can be done once every 20 rounds. If character also has LIGHT MANIPULATION , a 10 pt. laser can be generated once every 5 rounds. Character cannot have PHOTOSYNTHETIC SKIN Mutation. Character has a fear of being in the dark for more than 10 minutes, and will generate light to go to sleep. The light will extinguish 15 minutes after the Character goes to sleep.
  5. MODIFIED BODY PARTS : Roll d6 on chart below to determine which parts are modified;
    1. eyes
    2. ears
    3. arms
    4. internal organs
    5. hands
    6. feet
    7. legs
    8. GM's choice
  6. MULTIPLE BODY PARTS: Character has more of a body part than others of his species. Roll on chart for MODIFIED BODY PARTS to determine which.
  7. NEW BODY PARTS: Character has a body part that is new to his species. It does not have to be found in another species, it can be something completely new to nature (organic laser, magnetic skin, etc.).
  8. WALL CLIMBING: Character has hundreds of tiny barbs on the palms and soles. He can climb on any surface that has texture. He cannot climb or hang upside down and must use both hands and both feet (bare) to climb. He can carry a burden equal to 1.5 his STR in pounds when climbing. These barbs are useless for attack.
  9. PARTIAL CARAPACE: Character's skin covering his neck and back is hard (like fingernails) and jointed. This has separate Hit Points equal to 1/4 his normal HP. It regenerates at 4 points per day regardless of activity.
  10. INCREASED SPEED: Character has the ability to move at 2-4 times the normal rate for his species (roll d4, reroll 1's, and multiply his Base Movement by the die roll). This is due to his metabolism being 99% efficient. The character gives off almost no waste. Anything that is not poisonous can provide nutrition (dirt, leaves, etc.). The die roll is also the number of attacks per round he gets, regardless of his DEX score. The ability to move fast does have a drawback: Any time the Character Runs or Sprints , he must make a successful DEX roll or have a mishap. He may trip, or run into something (overshooting his stopping point), or some such happening. Character does not sweat, so overheating is a danger if the Character exherts himself for very long.
  11. POISON GLANDS: Character has poison glands in his jaw. The poison is transmitted through enlarged, hollow incisors. The Poison will paralyze his victim autonomic system for 1d4hours. Good for one bite, the poison regenerates in 6 hours. The bite does +5 points.
  12. WITHERING HANDS: Character's hands can age an opponent 1d10 years, doing 15 pts. damage.
  13. PAIN HANDS: Character can cause 10 pts. damage by nerve stimulation once every 2 rounds.
  14. MELTING HANDS: Character can melt organic material for 10 pts. damage once every 10 rounds.
  15. RADIATION HANDS: Character can emit Int. 2d10 radiation for 3 yards in a specific direction once every 15 rounds.
  16. GILLS: Character has a set of gills in his neck. He can breath in and out of water with no difficulty.
  17. GIANTISM: Character is 50% taller than others of his species. Add 2 to STR.
  18. DWARFISM: Character is 50% shorter than others of his species. Add 2 to DEX.
  19. SOUND IMITATION: Character can imitate perfectly any sound or voice that he has heard in the past 24 hours.
  20. ULTRA-VISION: Character has the ability to see in the ultra-violet range. There is no penalty for darkness. Intense sunlight causes 10 pts. damage per hour of exposure because this character is an albino. If Character is fully clothed and head is covered, there will be no damage.
  21. INFRA-VISION: Character has the ability to see any heat-producing source. Fog, mist and the like will affect him like it would anyone. Intense blasts of heat at close range (lasers, explosions, fires, etc.) require the character to make a DEX save (to close his eyes) or be blinded for 1d10 minutes.
  22. SPINES: Character has 2d10 spines growing from spinal column and one from each elbow. They each do 7 pts. damage in combat. The spines have 20 separate HP each. Broken spines regrow in two weeks.
  23. INCREASED SIGHT: Character has enlarged eyes that let him see clearly up to 1.5 miles (distinguishing individuals at that range).
  24. INCREASED HEARING: Character can detect and identify all sounds within 60 yards if he is facing within 45 degrees of the sound. He can't be surprised while awake unless a sound dampening factor (brick wall, etc.) muffles the sound. His ears will be larger than normal for his species, and canted forward a little. He suffers double damage from Sonic Blast. Three consecutive Sonic Blasts (within a three round period) will deafen the Character permanently. Nearby explosions will do 1d10 damage (whether or not the blast hurt the Character normally).
  25. INCREASED TOUCH: Sensitive finger nerves let character feel the structure of objects or people. He gets a benefit of 2 to his die roll when figuring out an artifact. Character cannot have any other hand modifying Mutation.
  26. INCREASED SMELL: Character can identify odors up to 60 yards away on calm days. On windy days, it is 30 yards upwind and 90 yards downwind. He can follow a trail less than a week old over non-watery surfaces. After "studying" someone or something for an hour, he can tell where they or it have been in the last week. Stong, pungent odors cause the Character to vomit for 1d4 minutes or until the odor is no longer present.
  27. RADIATED EYES: Character's eyes can emit, once every 15 rounds, Int. 1d10 radiation up to 10 yards.
  28. FUR: Character's body is covered with very thick fur, providing waterproofing, 2 points of armor, and 5 points of protection from cold based attacks. Coverage is all-inclusive except for the face, palms, and soles of the feet.
  29. ELASTICITY: Character's body is rubbery, and can stretch 5 times its original length. Character cannot have any skeletal enhancing mutations . STR is lowered by 3.
  30. ENHANCED RESPIRATION: Character's respiratory system is twice as strong as normal. He can engage in twice the activity for twice as long, however; gases take effect twice as fast and have twice the effect.
  31. QUILLS: Character's back is completely covered with long quills. The "coat" gives 5 points of protection. They can be raised, doing 5 points damage each on contact, coming off of the Character, and 2 points per round until removed, as they work themselves into the victim. They are serrated and removing them does another 5 points each. Spines regrow in 1 week.
  32. MENTAL SHIELD: Character's WILL is increased by 4 whenever defending. He automatically senses any active Mental-based Mutation within 30 yards.
  33. PRECOGNITION: Character can sense impending danger. By concentrating, he can see 1/2d10 minutes into the future, but the exact meaning may be unclear.
  34. BEGUILING: This makes all opponents within 15 yards use their least powerful weapons or powers when attacking the Character. The mutation last 5 rounds, and the "hit" creatures cannot be affected again for 24 hours.
  35. LOW NEURAL RESISTANCE: Character's neural impulses are faster, giving him heightened learning capabilities ( Skills are learned in 1/2 the required time, as is Familiarity) and perfect recall. He gets a benefit of 2 to artifact rolls, and -1 to defense rolls.
  36. ILLUSION GENERATION : Character can project illusions having any olfactory, visual, and auditory characteristics he wants to any spot he can see. All others seeing the illusion undergo a Mental Attack. Those "hit" believe the illusion is real until it dissipates (5 minutes after being created), or until they physically come into contact with it. This can be used once per day.
  37. MECHANICAL GENIUS: Character gets a benefit of 2 to his die roll when figuring out artifacts. Any weapon he fashions does an extra die damage, but takes 3 times as long to make.
  38. CONTROL MAMMAL: Character can control the actions of one type of mammal, referee's choice. He can control a number equal to half his WILL score. This requires a Mental Attack, but if it fails, the animal(s) have a 50% chance of being attracted to the Character.
  39. ANIMAL TELEPATHY: Character can communicate directly with the minds of animals, whether intelligent or not. He can gather information, chat, ask favors, etc.
  40. EMPATHY: Character senses all intelligences within 100 yards and their emotional state (if any).
  41. MENTAL RAPPORT: Character can establish a permanent telepathic link between his mind and the mind of one other. The link is not hampered by distance, and lasts for life. If one dies, the other suffers damage equal to all but 1 HP, falling unconscious for 1/2d10 days. If the link is severed, it can be established with another.
  42. CLAIRVOYANCE: Character can see events taking place in another location up to a mile away by tapping into a mind present at the location. This requires a successful Mental Attack.
  43. CLAIRAUDIENCE: Character can hear events taking place in another location up to a mile away by tapping into a mind present at the location. This requires a successful Mental Attack.
  44. PERSUASION: Character can influence someone to do what he wants (within GM's limits). Target suffers a +6 when defending against this attack.
  45. LIGHT MANIPULATION : Character can manipulate light in many ways. He can bend the light and make himself, or anything within 10 yards, invisible. He can "catch" light-based attacks and send them to another target. If he also has LIGHT GENERATION , he can generate a 10 pt. laser.
  46. MENTAL BLAST: Twice a day, the character can direct a blast of mental energy at a target within 15 yards, causing 15 pt. damage. Hit is automatic.
  47. MENTAL CONTROL OF BODY: Character can override physical pain and internally halt blood loss. He immediately recovers 2d10 HP. He falls unconscious after the 20 round time limit expires, and must be tended to, as he will again start bleeding. This can be done once per day.
  48. CONTROL INSECTS: Character can control a swarm of up to 1000 insects, making it attack a target. This can be done once per day. This requires a successful Mental Attack, and if it fails, the insects have a 50% chance of being attracted to the Character instead.
  49. DUALITY: Character is able to concentrate fully on two separate activities simultaneously. He gets 2 attacks per round regardless of DEX score, and can attack two separate opponents with two separate weapons.
  50. MILITARY GENIUS: Character subtracts 2 from rolls when trying to hit an opponent. Add 5 pts. to the damage he does.
  51. CONTROL BIRDS: Character can control any one bird, making it do his bidding. This can be done once per day for one hour. This takes a Mental Attack, and if it fails, the bird may be attracted to the Character instead.
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  1. INCREASED PRECISION: Character instantly finds weaknesses in structures, objects, or opponents. He does 5 pts. extra damage per attack.. His roll has a benefit of 2 when figuring out Artifacts.
  2. QUAKE GENERATION: Character can generate a linear earthquake along a line 3 yards wide and 30 yards long, extending out from him in any chosen direction. All in the line must make a DEX check or fall down. This can be done twice per day. It is not powerful enough to damage trees or buildings. Character will have some sort of unnecessary motion he will perform to use the Mutation. The movement is purely psychological, but the Character will be completely unable to use this if he is unable to perform this movement.
  3. PHYSICAL REFLECTION: Character's skin deflects even the most intense form of any one type of energy above the environmental norm, thus making him immune (with the noted exceptions) to that type of damage. Roll d4 below to determine type;
    1. Thermal (lasers do 1/2)
    2. Electro-magnetic (lasers do 1/2)
    3. Kinetic (penetrating/cutting attacks are halved)
    4. Choose one.
    If the character has PHOTOSYNTHETIC SKIN , he cannot have choices 1 or 2.
  4. RADAR: Character can generate electro-magnetic waves to navigate in darkness. Range is 30 yards. Character takes no penalty when fighting in darkness. Intense E.M. sources make the Character uncomfortable. Character has some physical means of sending and receiving the E.M. waves (big ears, antennae, etc.). E. M. DISRUPTION does 30 points damage to the Character.
  5. SONAR: Character can generate sound waves for navigation. Range is 30 yards. Character takes no penalty when fighting in darkness. Intense sound sources make the Character uncomfortable. The Character has some physical means of receiving the sound waves (big ears, oversized forehead, etc.). SONIC BLAST does an additional 20 pts. damage to the Character.
  6. SKELETAL ENHANCEMENT: Character's bone structure is stronger than average. He takes only half damage from blunt objects blows, falling, or crushing blows. Character is much more bulky looking than normal for his race.
  7. PHASING: Character can phase his molecules (and those of his clothing/equipment) through solid objects, but not force fields, for a time equal to the time he can hold his breath (1/2 CON minutes). This can be done twice per day.
  8. TOTAL CARAPACE: Character's skin is hard (like fingernails) and jointed over entire body, except the soles of the feet, the palms, and the face. The shell covers his head, so there is no hair. This has separate Hit Points equal to 1/4 his normal HP. Regenerates at 4 points per day regardless of activity. Character's speed is reduced by half. Character cannot have FUR mutation.
  9. PHOTOSYNTHETIC SKIN : Character produces his own food when exposed to sunlight (or equivalent). He heals 3 times faster than normal when in sunlight. He takes only half damage from light-based weapons. In darkness, his speed is half normal and he gets only 1 attack per 2 rounds. He suffers 1 die additional damage from cold or heat based weapons. Chlorophyl in his body makes his blood (but not his skin) green.
  10. SONIC BLAST : Character can emit a very intense blast of sound. The damage is 15 pts. to exposed tissue. Inorganic material is unaffected. The type of sound will be in accordance with the race of the character. This can only be done once every 2 hours and effects everything in a 30 yard radius.
  11. SHAPECHANGE: Character can assume the form of any organic object of the same mass (within +/-25%) for a period of one hour. He has all of the natural abilities of the object, but not the Mutations. He can regain his own form at any time. This can be done twice per day.
  12. ELECTRICAL GENERATION: Character can generate 20 pts. of electrical damage once per hour. Character can also recharge Chemical Cells with 5 consecutive applications.
  13. LASER EMISSION: Character's eyes can deliver a laser beam that causes 15 pts. of damage. Range is 30 yards and can be used once per 5 rounds. Hit is automatic.
  14. VERTIGO: Character can create extreme vertigo in anyone who meets his gaze within 15 yards. DEX in target is lowered by 10 for 1/2d10 rounds. Hit is automatic.
  15. ROTTING TOUCH: Character's touch can make inorganic material rot to the extent that it will collapse under its own weight. This can be done twice per day.
  16. MASS INCREASE: Character has twice the mass (but not twice the size) of others of his species. He subtracts 10 points from all damage done to him. His STR and CON are increased by 2 each. His DEX is decreased by 4. There is no speed decrease or size increase.
  17. ANTI-LIFE LEECH: Character is immune to LIFE-LEECH. The opponent using it takes the damage instead.
  18. LYCANTHROPY: Character can change at will to a cross between human and an animal. Referee's choice as to which animal if Character is human. While in this form, STR & DEX are 2 higher each, and WILL is down by 2.
  19. FORCE PROJECTION: Character can project beams of force from his hands doing 25 pts. damage, for 10 yards. Can be used once every 10 rounds.
  20. CHAMELEON POWERS: Character may, at will, allow his body to change color to blend in with surroundings. This allows 3 to be taken from physical Defense Value rolls. Clothing is not affected by the ability and may negate the Defense Bonus.
  21. MENTAL INVISIBILITY: Character can affect the minds of all in 30 yards to make himself unnoticeable. This lasts 10 rounds and can be used twice per day. If he does something unusual to attract attention, he is discovered.
  22. ATTRACTION FIELD: Character can generate an attraction field over his skin, concentrating on his hands and feet. This field is sufficient to allow him to climb any surface. It can be maintained at all times.
  23. TELEPATHY: Character can communicate with thought. Range is 60 yards. Character can talk mentally with any intelligent creature. He can also "link" a number of Characters (equal to 1/2 his WILL) in a telepathic "net".
  24. TELEPORT OBJECT: Character can cause any object weighing 20 pounds or less and within 15 yards to teleport into his hand.
  25. PSYCHOMETRY: Character can see into the past of anything he touches. He "sees" its workings, purpose, and origins within the limitations of his understanding. The farther in the past the item originated, the sketchier the information. Character gets a bonus of 3 to his die roll when figuring out artifacts.
  26. HEIGHTENED BRAIN TALENT: Character gets a benefit of 2 to his roll when figuring out artifacts. His WILL is raised by 4 when defending in Mental Combat. Any lessening of his INT or WILL scores will eliminate the Mutation for the duration of the deficiency.
  27. LEVITATION: Character can levitate himself, another person, or an object of up to twice his own weight, if it is within 30 yards, straight up in the air. The levitated person or object will continue to move in the direction he/it was moving when levitated (if any). Wind will also influence the "levitatee". After 10 minutes, the character stops concentrating, or the levitated object (person) drifts out of range, the target slowly sinks to the ground.
  28. TELEKINETIC ARM: Character causes a shimmering "arm" of force to materialize anywhere within 15 yards. The arm has a STR equal to the Character's WILL and he may will it to move as a real arm. It disappears when the Character wants, when it moves out of line-of-sight, or when the Character is rendered unconscious or dead.
  29. CRYOKINESIS: Character can lower temperature in a localized area, doing 10 pts. damage per round to one target. If he concentrates on the same target for more than one round, the damage is increased by 5 pts. per round, up to a maximum of 60 pts. per rd. Liquids susceptible to freezing do so in two rounds.
  30. VERTIGO INDUCTION: Character can induce extreme vertigo in anyone within 15 yards. Target's DEX is lowered by 10 for 30 seconds. This can be done three times per day and requires a successful Mental Attack.
  31. LANGUAGE MASTERY: Character learns new languages at a heightened speed, becoming fluent in one day, due to latent telepathic abilities.
  32. PYROKINESIS: Character can raise temperature in a localized area, doing 10 pts. damage per round to one target. If he concentrates on the same target for more than one round, the damage is increased by 5 pts. per round, up to a maximum of 60 pts. per rd. Flammable materials will ignite and liquids will boil in 3 rounds.
  33. INTUITION: Character is subconsciously aware of the intentions of those around him, including foes. He cannot be surprised.
  34. MAGNETIC CONTROL: Character can control magnetic fields to repel, attract, or use ferrous objects. Nothing weighing more than 1 ton can be controlled.
  35. REFLECTION: Character can reverse a Mental Attack by standing still and concentrating. Reflected damage is inflicted on the attacker instead. The first round, all damage is reflected. The second round, half. Third and subsequent rounds, one-fourth. Non-reflected damage is inflicted on character.
  36. MENTAL MIRROR: Character's mind automatically mimics and returns any Mental Attack directed at him. This doesn't negate the attack on him, but allows him to make a "free" attack.
  37. REPULSION FIELD: The character can "push" all unsecured items or people away from him in a 15 yard radius. The objects/people pushed can weight up to 10 times the Character. This can be done twice per day.
  38. WILL FORCE: Character can double the effects of any of his own Mutations, once per day, for 5 rounds.
  39. FEAR GENERATION: Character can create fear in a target, causing him to flee for 5 minutes. He falls unconscious for 1d10 minutes if he cannot flee. This can be done 2 times per day.
  40. MENTAL MULTIPLIER: Character can concentrate on someone else's Mutation, causing it to have twice its normal effect. This can be done twice per day.
  41. FIRE MANIPULATION: Character can manipulate fire into forms, giving "life" to them, controlling it as if it was his own body.
  42. EARTH MANIPULATION: Character can create a wave in the surface of the earth 10 yards wide, 30 yards long, and 1 yard high. Everything up to the size of small buildings will fall down. Large trees and buildings will be severely damaged.
  43. WATER MANIPULATION: Character can cause water to do his bidding, i.e. part, flow uphill, etc. He can manipulate it into shapes and move it out of its location, but the water must remain connected to it's sourc.
  44. WIND MANIPULATION: Character can generate high winds (up to hurricane force) in a localized area. Flying is possible, but difficult to control.
  45. PSYCHIC PROBE: Character can probe another's mind and "view" the target's memories of the last 48 hours. Not quite telepathy, character cannot communicate this way, nor can he select the memories received. This can be done once per day.
  46. MENTAL CONTROL: Character can "possess" another being that is within 10 yards. He can move out of the range while in possession, but must be within range to return to his own body. If the occupied body dies, so does the Character. If the Character's body dies, the Character must make 5 consecutive successful Mental Attacks on the occupied being, at a +3 modifier, to remain in the new body permanently.
  47. ABSORPTION: Character can, once per round, absorb damage of one particular type of energy equal to his current HP. Roll d6 to find type;
    1. Attacks using COLD.
    2. Attacks using HEAT.
    3. Attacks using LIGHT.
    4. Attacks using ELECTRICITY.
    5. Attacks using RADIATION.
    6. Attacks using SONICS.
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  1. DECORPORALIZATION: Character can turn his body into a gaseous form for 1d10 minutes. He can move at will wherever air can flow (but is not restricted to moving the direction of the air). It does 20 pts. damage each time it is used and can be done once per day.
  2. BIO-MASS REDISTRIBUTION : Character can redistribute his body's mass to virtually any configuration. He cannot gain or lose mass. TOTAL HEALING (either one) automatically reverts body to normal. Using this Mutation does 10 points damage to the Character, but this damage heals in one day. The Character must eat a full meal within two hours of using this power, or lose 4 points each of STR, DEX, and CON until he does eat. If he also has MASS ABSORPTION , he can regenerate body parts in 10 rounds.
  3. INVISIBILITY: Character's body possesses cells that may be altered so that light passes through them, making him invisible. As long as he doesn't move, he is completely invisible. If he moves, there is a "ripple effect" at the edges of his body (a-la PREDATOR). While moving, he is only 85% invisible. An invisible creature also masks its heat source. Concentration is required to make the body invisible and does 5 points of one time damage. It lasts until the character stops it or concentration is needed for something else. He can attack while invisible, but defending will make him visible. If the character is rendered unconscious or dead in this state, his body remains invisible. It does not affect clothing or items.
  4. IMMUNITY TO BACTERIA/POISON: Character has total immunity to all forms of harmful bacteria, viruses, and poisons. Character need make no CON roll when encountering these.
  5. ENERGY ABSORPTION: Character negates the first 10 points of damage from energy attacks. Paralysis and Stunning weapons (but NOT Mutations) have no effect on him.
  6. ENERGY METAMORPHOSIS: Character is able to change one type of energy attack (Referee's choice) into healing equal to the amount of damage he would have taken. Any points that are not used to heal are dissipated.
  7. DISPLACEMENT: Character can will his body to appear to be somewhere else within 3 yards. All around him will see him in this locations, even allies.
  8. MOLECULAR CHANGE: Character can change the molecular arrangement of anything he touches (except living material), making it brittle and easy to break in an area equal in square feet to his WILL. This can be done twice per day. Character loses 3 points STR for 2 hours after using this ability.
  9. DOPPLEGANGER ABILITY: Character can change himself into any living thing he touches. He will gain or shed body mass if necessary. Gained mass will be achieved by absorbing the ground. Shed mass will be absorbed by the ground. He gains all abilities, including Mutations, of the imitated form, but keeps only his own Mental-based Mutations. The change lasts until the character resumes his natural form or changes into another. He cannot change into an inorganic object. Androids are considered organic for this purpose. If the character stays in the imitated form for more than two days, he loses his own Mutations and is stuck in the imitated form.
  10. TOTAL HEALING (SELF): Character can heal all damage to his own body in three rounds. It will also cure all poisons and bacteria/viruses. This can be done twice per week, but not more than once in any 48 hour period. This will not regenerate lost body parts, but they can be reattached as the power is used.
  11. REGENERATION: Character will regrow a lost body part or organ in 1 month.
  12. EXO-SKELETON: Character's spine, skull, ribs, sternum, pelvis, and kneecaps are on the outside of his body. Cutting damage, except that from energy weapons, is 1/10 normal. The skeleton has 20 points in any given area. The bone heals at 3 times the normal rate.
  13. KINETIC ABSORPTION: Character negates the first 15 points of impact damage. Penetrating weapons do half damage, and energy weapons do normal damage. Cold based attacks do double damage.
  14. MASS ABSORPTION : Character can absorb any material and convert it to body mass, growing in size by the absorbed amount. He can absorb up to three times his body mass. The mass can be held indefinitely and "shed" at any time. Shedding the excess mass causes 20 pts. damage. If rendered unconscious, Character's body automatically sheds the excess. Character can use this power to permanently replace lost limbs in 10 rounds if he also has BIO-MASS REDISTRIBUTION .
  15. E. M. DISRUPTION : Character can emit, for five rounds, a 10 yard field which interferes with electrical equipment. No non-shielded robot can function in range. This can be used twice per day. Character must eat a meal within two hours of using this power or lose 4 points each of STR, DEX, and CON until he does eat.
  16. CONCUSSIVE EYES: Character's eyes can deliver 25 pts. of damage in concussive force up to 30 yards. This can be done once per 10 rounds. Hit is automatic.
  17. MIMETIC SKIN: Character's skin can mimic any material touched, taking on the points of the material. Any damage sustained will remain when skin changes to, or from, normal. The Character can maintain this state for up to 1 hour, and can do it once per day.
  18. DENSITY CONTROL (SELF) : Character can will his body's density to increase or decrease by 10% increments. For each 10% increase, the body loses 10% of its size and speed. For each 10% decrease, size and speed increase by 10%. In either case, damage is decreased by 1 per die per 10%. Effect lasts 1 hour, and can be used twice per week. No more than 60% change is possible.
  19. MENTAL PARALYSIS: Character can suppress the nervous system of another within 15 yards, causing the victim to be incapable of physical action for 5 minutes. This can be done once per day.
  20. CONFUSION: Character can cause confusion and disorientation in others, making them engage in bizarre and unpredictable actions. Roll d6 on table below:
    1. Victim stands mute, doing nothing.
    2. Single-mindedly attacks nearest moving thing.
    3. Single-mindedly attacks largest nearby object.
    4. Attacks own party members.
    5. Runs in circles screaming and waving arms.
    6. Sits down and cries.
    Effects last 5 minutes and can be used twice per day.
  21. TELEKINESIS: Character can move objects with his mind. The weight that can be manipulated is twice his WILL score in pounds.
  22. TELEKINETIC FLIGHT: Character can fly by using mental force. Maximum speed is equal to his sprinting speed.
  23. TELEPORTATION: Character can teleport up to 1 mile. He can teleport to somewhere he hasn't seen (or can't see), but there is a 80% chance that he will lose a limb, suffering 40 pts. damage immediately, plus bleeding will lower STR and CON by 1 point per round until death or aid occurs. This can be done once per day and he cannot transport others, only himself and the articles he is carrying.
  24. WEATHER MANIPULATION: Character can manipulate weather in a 1 mile radius. The type of weather desired will arrive 5 minutes after 1 minute of concentration. Only small modifications are possible (max. 20 degree temperature variation, raise/lower wind, etc.). The power can be used once per day.
  25. TIME TELEPORTATION: Character can send himself or another up to 10 minutes into the future. The one teleported will disappear in the time of origin and appear in the target time, skipping the interval. No geographic distance will be covered. Character that is sent suffers damage equal to half of his existing Hit Points. Can be used once per week.
  26. TIME SUSPENSION: Character can suspend all action in a 10 yard radius. He is unaffected. Items and people can be manipulated, but energy devices won't work. It can be used once a day and lasts 3 minutes or until the Character stops the Mutation.
  27. TIME DISTORTION: Character can distort his time perception so as to move far faster than normal. For every round of action, he gets 5. Character takes 10 points friction damage for every round he uses this power. Mechanical and energy systems are not speeded, so they won't work for him. It can be used once a day.
  28. STUNNING FORCE: Character can attack everyone in 15 yards with a Mental stun that knocks them unconscious for 1d10 hours. It can be used once per day.
  29. TOTAL HEALING (OTHERS): Character can completely heal another being of all damage once per week. The dead cannot be revived, nor can lost limbs be regenerated (but they can be reattached).
  30. NEURAL LINK: Character can link his mind to the voluntary functions of another within 15 yards. He can consciously control the body of the other until the connection is broken (character will, character being hit, target or character dying, etc.). The target's mind is still aware, but he cannot control his body. This can be used once per day. The controlling Character cannot force the target to commit suicide. If this is attempted, the target's mind will snap back into control.
  31. MIND WIPE: Character can, once per week, completely blank out an enemy's mind, with 30 yards. The victim is an infant mentally.
  32. MOLECULAR DISRUPTION: Character can disrupt the molecular bonds in anything up to 250 pounds. Disrupted target turns into a mist or cloud. The chance of using the power successfully varies with the target's composition and the user's WILL;
    Metal 3xWILL on percentile
    Stone 4xWILL on percentile
    Living Tissue 5xWILL on percentile
  33. AREA FORCE FIELD: Character can will a 200 pt. force field to surround himself in a 3 yard radius. Everyone and everything inside the field is safe from all physical attacks. It can be used once per day and lasts 30 seconds.
  34. FORCE FIELD GENERATION: Character can generate a 25 point force field around his body like a second skin. It can be maintained at all times. It will not protect any of his belongings.
  35. DEATH FIELD GENERATION: Character can generate a field 10 yards in radius which drains everyone in the field of all but 1 HP, causing them to lose consciousness. They will wake in one hour with the lost points.
  36. PHANTASMAL FORCE: Character can generate an illusion (identical to ILLUSION GENERATION ) that can do 15 pts. burning damage to a target. The illusion disappears when it comes in contact with a target.
  37. LIFE LEECH: Character can drain 10 Hit Points from each sentient being within a range equal to 1 yard per INT point. For each 2 points absorbed, Character heals one HP. A maximum of 150 points can be absorbed per day. This cannot kill an opponent and stolen points come back in full in 24 hours.
  38. MEMORY STEAL: Character can steal the memories of the last 24 hours from a target. The memories become his as if he had lived the time. This can be done once per three days. The victim has no recollection of that 24 hour period.
  39. DIMENSION WARP: Character can create a "warp disk" (2 ft. diameter) in the air next to him. He can reach, or send something, through the disk and it will appear from a matching disk at another location of his choice. Range is 30 yards.
  40. TELEPORT OTHER: Character can teleport another being up to one mile away once per day. He can only teleport in line of sight.
  41. DENSITY CONTROL (OTHERS): See DENSITY CONTROL (SELF) . The effects are identical, except that they are in another being.
  42. GOLEM CREATION: Character can make an artificial body out of the dirt (mud, sand, etc.) telekinetically and control it as if it were his own. The body will be the size and shape of the Character's base stock and has HP equal to 1/4 the Character's. It cannot use items to attack. A golem can be made once per day and lasts until destroyed or the Character wills it to stop. Only one can be controlled at a time. The Character himself can function normally, but not fight.
  43. SILICONE MANIPULATION: Character can manipulate anything with silicone in it. He can part glass, make glass out of sand, etc. Range is 30 yards.
  44. GAMMA EYE: Character can cause an enemy to fall unconscious by looking at him. This can be done once per day and no eye contact is necessary. Hit is automatic and there is no "save".
  45. CALL LIGHTNING: Character can call a lightning bolt to strike any target within 100 yards. This can be done once per 10 rounds and the bolt does 25 pts. damage. The bolt will come from an appropriate source.
  46. E.M.P.: Character can generate an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that can disable, permanently, any unshielded electronic device within 30 yards. This can be done once per day.
  47. EXPLOSIVE BODY: Character can cause his body to explode, doing 150 points damage to everything in a 10 yd. radius. Character can reconstitute his body in 4 hours. When he becomes whole again, he will be at 25% of the HP he had when he exploded. He cannot do this if his HP is under 15. It can be done once per week.