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Below are the changes made to the GAMMA WORLD creatures in converting them to this version.
I took out some of the fish and plants, because most people around here just don't use them. Your GM can convert any he needs.
Each description is divided into the following categories: Name: Android - Thinker Name: Android - Worker Name: Android - Warrior Name: Arks Name: Arns Name: Badders Name: Blaashes Name: Blackuns Name: Blights Name: Blood Birds Name: Brutorz Name: Cal Thens (MY personal favorite) Name: Carrins Name: Centisteeds Name: Crep Plants Name: Dabbers Name: Fens Name: Gators Name: Grens Name: Hawkoids Name: Herps Name: Hissers Name: Hoops Name: Hoppers Name: Horl Choos Name: Jagets Name: Kai Lins Name: Kamodos Name: Keeshin Name: Lil Name: Mantis Name: Menarls Name: Obbs Name: Orlens Name: Parns Name: Pinetos Name: Podogs Name: Rakoxen Name: Seps Name: Serfs Name: Sleeths Name: Soul Besh Name: Squeekers Name: Terls Name: Wardents Name: Yexils Name: Zarns Name: Zeethh